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DOLLY! Meet our biggest, boldest confetti cannons yet.

ENORMOUS confetti cannons stuffed with beautiful, biodegradable confetti in your choice of colours.

This is a limited drop; when she’s gone, she’s gone. 

Hello Dolly: 80cm long, stuffed with ~30 handfuls of confetti. 

Dolly is sold in pairs, so it’s £69.90 for two Dollys.

About our cannons

Just like our custom confetti blends, we make every single confetti cannon to order which means you have full freedom to choose the confetti colours that make your heart sing.

These bougie, bespoke babies can fire up to eight metres in the air, making your magical moment last even longer. 

Your confetti cannons will come filled ready for popping off! We fill every cannon with the same premium confetti circles we use for our custom confetti mixes, so you'll have the very best confetti fluttering down on you.

Just arm your pals and prep them to twist when you want your confetti storm, whether that's on the way out of your ceremony or when you're getting down on the dancefloor.

How many to order is up to you! We suggest giving one to each member of your bridal party or guests of honour, so they can have a little moment of fun as a thank you for the shift they'll have put in for your wedding! We definitely do not recommend denying the rest of your guests the opportunity to lob a fistful of confetti, so think of your cannons as the massive paper cherry on top of your confetti walk.

For the longest possible confetti moment, stock up on cannons and get them set off at different times or at different points in your confetti catwalk. Your photographer will thank you!

How does it work?

1) Add your cannons to your mix and check-out when you're ready (if you order confetti too, we'll assume you want the same mix in your cannons unless you email to tell us differently)

2) If you're ordering just cannons (no confetti), please drop us an email to to tell us the colours of confetti you'd like us to cram in your cannons!

3) Wait oh so patiently to receive your lovely, lovely cannons

4) Ask your trusted guests to pop off! psst... they will indeed POP!

5) Send us the pics x

Things to know!

1) You can choose as few or as many confetti colours from our 39 shades as you like in your cannons; this won't affect how much confetti we squeeze into it, just the proportions of the mix.

2) We sell these in pairs, so the price you see is for two cannons.

3) If you order a confetti mix in the same order as your cannons, we'll assume you want the same confetti colours in your cannons unless you tell us otherwise.

4) As these cannons are constructed to order, they're not eligible for refunds. With that in mind, please consider your colour choice carefully as there's no backsies.

5) We can't ship these to the United States, EU, NI or BFPO addresses, sorry! Most commercial airlines won't let you fly with cannons. Sad face.

Photo credit for these epic shots of our magical model bride Rachel: Cat Arwel.

  • £69.90