We're experiencing super high order levels, so our despatch time is currently at least five weeks as we make every order by hand. Please tell us your wedding date once you've ordered. Thank you!


Ah, wedmin. It's just one long list of questions you need answered, isn't it?

Does the gold package include the dancefloor? Can we swap the prosecco for beer? What if we don't want to invite Uncle Dave's new girlfriend? Where should we seat our photographer? Why is it called a wedding breakfast when we're eating at 3pm? Dad, can you please RSVP using the website? Yes, we know you're coming, but please, behave. 

We can't do much about your mother-in-law's wilful misunderstanding of the phrase 'unplugged ceremony', but we can answer your confetti questions. And if your question isn't answered here, we'd love for you to ask. Try us.

How much confetti do I need at my wedding?

Short answer: 1 to 2 handfuls per guest + a cannon for each member of your wedding gang

Medium answer: We sell our confetti in handfuls, so some people keep it simple and go for one handful per guest. But for the best photos ever? Double up.

Long answer: We dedicated a whole page to answering this question.

...How much do other people order?

Now, you do you! However, if it helps with planning, a typical Flutter, Darlings! order contains around 175 handfuls of confetti with four or six cannons. But we've seen everything from our order minimum of £25 all the way up to confetti and cannons for 600 people... plus a few orders for TV and film!

Is your confetti biodegradable?

Yup. And compostable. 

How much confetti is in a handful?

4 grams-ish.

How does your confetti come packaged?

Flutter, Darlings! confetti comes all packed up in a big bag for you to decant as you so choose. We mix your colours up for you into your own wondrous blend at FD HQ. If you'd like us to package each of your colours separately pop us a note when you checkout, no sweat.

How do we get the perfect confetti shot?

You know your most-organised mate? The one who makes the spreadsheet for your weekends away? Get them on the case. A few tips:

  1. Put a note on your wedding website or otherwise tell your guests that there will be confetti, and they don't need to bring their own. Put those petals away, Joan.
  2. Show your confetti some love. Keep it carefully stowed away from sunlight, and certainly not squished under your mountain of wedding things. The day of, ask someone you love to fluff it up; this will break up any confetti clumps and honestly, it's good fun. 
  3. Buckets, bags, bins or boxes. Whatever you use, make sure that everyone digs deep and grabs a proper fistful. It's not the time to be polite.
  4. Ask your photographer to arrange your crowd of admirers before you emerge and the chaos begins.
  5. Ask your guests to throw high as you walk by! With that being said, someone will throw their confetti at your face. Something you said, perhaps.
  6. Enjoy it! Now's not the moment for looking stoic. Revel in the whirlwind of colour with your forever person and we can guarantee those photos and videos will look absolutely epic and radiate joy.

What's your confetti made from?

This is such a good question that we've got a whole page to answer it. 

How much does delivery cost?

UK shipping is £3.99, or on the house if you spend over £50. Go on. 

Do you ship outside of the UK?

As of August 2023, after a lot of requests, we're very cautiously trialling shipping our colourful confetti to the United States and Europe! So to those stateside lurkers and continental cuties, you can now get choosing your confetti. At present, we're unable to pay customs/duties for you so please factor this in to your timescales and budget. We also can't ship cannons to foreign climes, sorry!

If you're experiencing any difficulty in checking out please email orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk

How long before our wedding should we order?

Typically, you'll have your order in around six weeks. But! (There's always a but.) What with this being one of the biggest days of your life, and to try to save you some wedmin stress, we suggest you order twelve weeks in advance. This way we've got plenty of time to cut, mix and send your confetti, there's no need to fret about delivery delays... and you can get back to worrying about your table plan. 

It's not too early to order if your wedding is months away or even next year. Just store your confetti somewhere sensible; it won't spontaneously compost!

If your wedding is within the next two months, please drop an email to orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk or reply to your order confirmation with your wedding date so we can ensure you get your confetti in good time!

How long will it take for my confetti to arrive?

After we've high-fived because you've placed your order, we'll get to work cutting and blending your custom mix and aim to have your confetti out of the FDHQ door in five weeks. This might take longer during busy periods so this is a guideline, not a guarantee. If your wedding is soon, or you're nervous, please email us to let us know your wedding date!

Once your confetti has left us, it's in Evri's fine hands to decide when they'll deign to deliver; you'll be sent a tracking link so you can follow your confetti on its way.

Summer 2024 update: woowwwwww lots of you are ordering at the moment! We are working as hard as we can, as fast as we can to meet our turnaround times but some orders will take longer. Thank you so much for bearing with us!

...my wedding is in three weeks. Have I left it too late to get my confetti?


Eek. 'fraid so. We've pressed pause on our rush shipping upgrade option for Summer 2024 because there's so many of you ordering! We hope to be able to offer rush orders again soon.

If you're really desperate, you're welcome to contact the orders team using orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk to see if a rush order can be fulfilled.

Is there a minimum amount of confetti I can buy?

Funny you should ask. Yep, our minimum order value is £25.

Do the cannons come filled with confetti?


Can I take the confetti cannons on a plane?

Probably not. Check your airline's rules on pressurised gas, but it's a no for most airlines. Boo.

Can you choose my confetti colours for me?

We'd love to! You can email orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk with your mood board or some inspo picks and we'll take it from there!

I want my confetti colours kept separate, is that possible?

Yes, of course! Please email orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk with your order number to let us know, and we'll keep your colours well and truly un-mixed.

I've got a question you haven't answered here, what's up with that?

Slide into our DMs on Instagram @flutterdarlings and we're all ears. Or should that be all fingers? Anyway. If you're not one for instagram, get old school with us on orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk.

If you're wanting to chat about an order already in our system, please email orders@flutterdarlings.co.uk.

I'm a wedding supplier, can we chat?

Hell yes! Give us a few words using hey@flutterdarlings.co.uk