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Biodegradable confetti: How much wedding confetti do I need?

Biodegradable confetti: How much wedding confetti do I need?

Grace Burton Grace Burton
3 minute read

So, the venue is secured, the photographer is booked and now it's on to the really fun stuff. Confetti. Obviously you know you're going to build a bespoke blend of colourful, biodegradable confetti in colours to match the vibe of your big day, but how much should you get?

There's not just one answer to how much wedding confetti you need; it's all about the energy and aesthetic you and your boo are going for!

We sell our biodegradeable confetti in five handful multiples so you can create a confetti moment that's well and truly reflective of you two. 

Many of our couples come to us because they want a big, beautiful confetti moment that they'll remember for a lifetime. For the confetti moment to end all confetti moments, we'd suggest two handfuls per guest plus a few cannons (also filled with premium biodegradable confetti in colours of your choosing, obvs) dotted along your confetti line to keep the good stuff raining down for as long as possible.

Not only does getting loads of confetti give you a chance to soak up the moment and stop for a snog, it also gives your photographer the opportunity to get as many shots as possible. There's a reason that so many photographers recommend going all out and getting the very best confetti you can manage! 

If you're after a dainty smattering of confetti, you can play it safe with one handful per guest. And if you're somewhere between 'dainty smattering' and 'confetti blizzard' then 1.5 handfuls per guest might be more you. 

And of course you don't have to just have the traditional confetti walk when you leave your ceremony. Here are some confetti celebrations we've seen and loved, from our very cool couples:

  • Eloping and taking a confetti cannon each to set off and celebrate on the side of a mountain, just the two of you 
  • Surprising your guests with an extra confetti celebration on the dance floor. If you think it's fun to throw confetti at 2pm, sober, just wait to see how everyone reacts at 9pm after a lemonade or two
  • Arming your bridal party with confetti cannons, along with even bigger cannons for the two of you, to set off during your group photos
  • A petite blend of white confetti for the small legal ceremony, followed by a colourful storm after your celebrant seals the deal for real!


  • Two handfuls of confetti per guest plus a cannon for each of your bridal besties if you want to go all out
  • One handful per guest if you're the shy and retiring type

Still not sure? Ask your photographer and see what they suggest! They might just have a Flutter, Darlings! discount code for you too. 




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