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V dull colour disclaimer

Colours are a tricky thing; did you know that colour isn’t even inherent in any object? It’s all about light… and some other stuff. If you’re medium-nerdy like us, you will LOVE this article from Pantone.

So, we do our best to show you exactly how every shade of confetti looks on our website. But, just a heads up, the confetti might look a bit different in your hands vs on your screen depending on a few factors we can't control.

Things like the type of device you're using and your screen settings can make colours appear slightly different (if you’re browsing on your phone then switch to a computer, you’ll see what we mean). If you’ve got a night-time filter or a blue-light blocking app on your phone, it’s worth turning this off whilst you’re browsing through our confetti.

Please read the descriptions of each colour to ensure you know what you’re buying. This might sound obvious, but we’ve had people buy Mabel (wine red) expecting pink and Rachel (sage green) expecting mint green! Please take the extra few seconds to check the product page.

It’s also worth considering that photos of confetti taken by others might have been edited, so the colors might not be true to life. Likewise, your wedding photographer is likely to edit your photos to have all of the colours of your day, confetti included, looking their very best.

We've spent more of our lives than we'd like to admit finding the very best colours of biodegradable paper to make our confetti from, and we hope that that you'll love them all just as much as we do.