How much confetti do I need?

A very good question. A classic in its genre.

You need as much as you want, so the answer to this question probably exists deep within you.

Some couples go for one handful per guest. We sell our confetti in handfuls to keep this nice and simple for you - a handful is about four grams, although we're often feeling generous and chuck in a little more if there's any spare when we cut your confetti.

However. If you're looking for a confetti blizzard in your photos, or you want to string out the fun of your confetti moment, we suggest going for two handfuls per guest.

Now, take this next bit of advice with a pinch of salt - we're here to sell you confetti after all so we would say this, but we don't suggest only buying confetti for some of your guests. It can be tempting, but unless you're sneaking off with just your bridal party for a mini confetti moment (cute), your guests may feel left out if only those at the front of your photo are given the chance to throw. And you won't believe how much your guests, old or young, will love being a part of your confetti moment.

If it helps, our average order amount is around 100 handfuls.

If you're mix is over £50, you can use NIFTYFIFTY at checkout for 10% off your order. So go on, treat yourself to the confetti moment of your dreams. Your photographer will think you're ace and you'll definitely end up on their instagram grid. 

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